Our Rulebook

  1. Naming in this document

IOTTB: Indoor & Outdoor Throwdown @ The Beach

ORGANIZATION: The organizers of the competition

ATHLETE: The person who participates in the qualifier or finals of the Indoor or Outdoor Throwdown @ The Beach

EVENT: the total of the QUALIFIER and FINALS

QUALIFIER: the qualifier workouts of the competition. The best athletes of the qualifier advance to the FINALS.

FINALS: the final (live) event of the competition.

  1. General rules, Terms and Conditions

2.1 Everything stated in this rulebook and terms and conditions apply to any agreement between IOTTB and the ATHLETE. These regulations can be changed at any time by the organization and the most current version can always be found on www.beachshowdown.com

2.2 If one or more provisions in these regulations are invalid or should be annulled, the other provisions of these general terms and conditions will remain fully applicable.

2.3 ATHLETES submit to and declare to comply with the supervision designated by IOTTB, given instructions and regulations. If ATHLETES violate the instructions and / or regulations, this will be a reason for IOTTB to deny the ATHLETE in question from further participation. In such a case, the ATHLETE is not entitled to a refund of the amounts paid.

2.4 By participating in any EVENT of IOTTB, the ATHLETE agrees to an and all Rules and policies, including, the Rulebook, privacy policy and user agreement.

2.5 In all cases not covered by the regulations, IOTTB decides.

2.6 IOTTB reserves the right to cancel the event in case of insufficient participation without IOTTB being obliged to pay any compensation. ATHLETE will be notified of this as soon as possible. The full amount, excluding administration costs, will be refunded in this case.

  1. Participation and registration

3.1 Participation in IOTTB is entirely at your own risk. The organization is in no way liable for injury or damage resulting from participation in THE EVENT. See 9.1

3.2 Participating in IOTTB can be done in four divisons:

  • Scaled (Female/Male)
  • Intermediate (Female/Male)
  • Elite Male (Female/Male)
  • Masters 35+ years old (at first day of the QUALIFIER) (Female/Male)

3.3 The minimum age for participation is 12 years. ATHLETES under the age of 18 must be able to provide explicit permission from a parent / guardian for THE FINALS.

3.4 To participate in THE QUALIFIER ATHLETS need to buy a ticket via Competition Corner.

3.5 A separate ticket must be purchased for participation in the FINALS.

3.6 All tickets are personal and non-transferable. Refund of the amount of tickets purchased is not possible.

3.7 The ORGANIZATION has the right to invite athletes directly to the finals with a Wildcard.

3.8 Ticketsales:

  • Early Bird – €12,50 (Per person) / €25,- (Duo)
  • Regular – €15,- (Per person) / €20,- (Duo)

All prices are excluding fee of Competition Corner.


4.1 The QUALIFIER will take place in the box of the ATHLETE.

4.2 The QUALIFIER consists of two workouts.

4.3 The QUALIFIER can be done during the qualifier period given by the ORGANIZATION. The workouts will be released at Competition Corner.

4.4 The QUALIFIER workouts do not need to be done at the same day. The ATHLETES can spread them during the qualifier period.

4.5 All ATHLETES need to do the QUALIFIER workouts with a judge. The name of the judge needs to be added to the score in Competition Corner. The Judge has to validate the score of the ATHLETE. It is the responsability of the ATHLETE that the judge validates the score.

4.6 he ATHLETE is responsible for the correct execution of the movements according to the movement standards.

4.7 Movement support devices that are not allowed: straps, gloves with rubber / silicone, weight support devices. Permitted movement aids: sleeves, wrist wraps, sport tape, magnesium, leather gloves, belts. When in doubt, the box owner has the last word.

  1. Filming

5.1 The ATHLETE is required to film all of his / her workouts in order to be eligible for both the prizes and to be invited to the FINALS.

5.2 When submitting each score, the ATHLETE must immediately add a working link to the score. The deadline for the footage is the same as the deadline for logging the score.

5.3 Footage submitted in any way after the deadline will no longer be accepted.

5.4 If the ATHLETE has not submitted valid video with his / her score, the ATHLETE will be excluded from participation in the FINALS.

5.5 Score for which no video have been added will still be valid on the leaderboard. The ATHLETE in question has no chance of winning or participating in the FINALS.

5.6 It is not possible to have a video removed afterwards due to a penalty.

5.7 If the video does not meet the standards, the following sanctions apply:
– 1 to 5 no reps throughout the video – the no reps are taken from the athlete’s score
– 5 to 15 no reps during the entire video – 15% of the final score (reps or time) is collected / added to
– More than 15 no reps throughout the video – the athlete’s score is reset to 0
– The video does not meet movie standards – the athlete’s score will be rejected and reset to 0
– Making the same mistake repeatedly in one of the movements can result in a 15% penalty
– Deviation from the rules and / or movement standards can lead to a penalty
– For incomplete videos, only the reps that have been shown are assigned

5.8 In case of a tie in the Overall Classification, the mutual result of both ATHLETES is considered.

5.9 Deadline for entering your scores is given by the ORGANIZATION via Competition Corner. It is the ATHLETEs responsability to be on time.

5.10 The score of the ATHLETE needs to be validated by the judge. It is the responsability of the ATHLETE that this happens on time.

  1. FINALS 

6.1 The FINALS will take place at The Haque Beach Stadium (Outdoor), The Beach Aalsmeer (Indoor)

6.2 Based on the leaderboard of the QUALIFIER the best ATHLETES will be invited to the FINALS. The total number of teams that can participate in the final will be announced at the end of the qualification. The exact number of finalist per division wil be determinded after the qualifier by the number of registrations.

6.3 If an ATHLETE does not accept the invitation to the FINALS, the next person in the ranking will be invited to participate.

6.4 To be eligible to participate in the FINALS, the ATHLETE must have filmed all workouts.

6.5 To participate in the FINALS, an additional ticket must be purchased. Costs for this will be communicated in time.

6.6 At the FINALS, all ATHLETES will do at least 3 Events at the level of the division in which they participate. These will be announced on match day in a briefing by IOTTB. This is the only time when this is done.

6.7 Being late to the athlete registration, or not showing up on time to start the heat will result in a DNS (Did Not Show) and may lead to disqualification.

6.8 Headjudges are allowd to stop an ATHLETE from competing when the ATHLETE has an injury or can injure himself any further.

6.9 The judge is responsible for correctly assessing the athlete’s performance of the movements. Any repetition that does not meet the movement standards will result in a No Rep and will not count.

  1. Liability

7.1 INDOOR & OUTDOOR THROWDOWN @ THE BEACH is not liable for loss and / or damage to goods of ATHLETES, nor for personal or physical injury and resulting damage. The ATHLETE is aware that participation in INDOOR & OUTDOOR THROWDOWN @ THE BEACH entails risks and that any damage resulting from participation is at its own expense and risk.

7.2 The ATHLETE shall ensure that he / she is adequately insured against the risk of damage that he / she or a relative may suffer as a result of injury, illness or death caused by his / her participation in INDOOR & OUTDOOR THROWDOWN @ THE BEACH.

7.3 INDOOR & OUTDOOR THROWDOWN @ THE BEACH is not responsible for maintenance, repair or theft of the Athlete’s own equipment.

7.4 INDOOR & OUTDOOR THROWDOWN @ THE BEACH provides its activities with solid and properly functioning materials. Costs as a result of damage or destruction due to careless handling of material can be recovered from the relevant ATHLETE.

7.5 Liability is limited to the cover provided by the insurance.

  1. Privacy

8.1 By participating in INDOOR & OUTDOOR THROWDOWN @ THE BEACH, the ATHLETE grants INDOOR & OUTDOOR THROWDOWN @ THE BEACH NORTH permission to use the athlete’s personal data for the transmission of information to the ATHLETE, for internal anonymous data analysis and for the publication of its name and competition results.

8.2 Any photos, films, or other materials or files made within the framework of INDOOR & OUTDOOR THROWDOWN @ THE BEACH or the agreement or on behalf of INDOOR & OUTDOOR THROWDOWN @ THE BEACH, are the property of INDOOR & OUTDOOR THROWDOWN @ THE BEACH, regardless of whether they have been made available to the ATHLETE or to third parties, unless otherwise agreed

8.3 The ATHLETE grants prior permission to INDOOR & OUTDOOR THROWDOWN @ THE BEACH for the publication of photos, videos or other visual material on which the ATHLETE is visible for communication purposes of INDOOR & OUTDOOR THROWDOWN @ THE BEACH (including commercial expressions).

  1. Dispute

9.1 If the event does not go according to the expectations of the ATHLETE, the ATHLETE is obliged to notify INDOOR & OUTDOOR THROWDOWN @ THE BEACH of this immediately on the spot. If the complaint is not satisfactorily resolved on site, the athlete can make this known in writing to INDOOR & OUTDOOR THROWDOWN @ THE BEACH within 14 days after the end of the event.

9.2 In the event of disputes arising from the agreement or from legal relationships arising from it, the parties will first enter into consultation in order to resolve this dispute amicably. If the parties fail to do so, a dispute as referred to above will be exclusively settled by the competent court of Groningen.

  1. Refund policy

10.1 To participate in the (online) qualifier and finals, athletes need to buy a ticket via Competition Corner. There is no-refund policy for both tickets.

10.2 Should the FINALS not take place in case of force majeure, INDOOR & OUTDOOR THROWDOWN @ THE BEACH will attempt to schedule a new date for the FINALS to take place. Should this fail, the registration fee for the FINALS will be refunded minus administration costs and transaction costs.

10.2 We know that we live in a Covid-19 phase. If the government states that we cannot host the event, we will aim to move the finals. If we need to cancel, all bought tickets minus administration costs will be refunded. If you are an athlete competing from outside The Netherlands, and you are not allowed to travel, we do not offer a refund.

Company information

Indoor & Outdoor Throwdown @ The Beach (KVK: 80874401)
E-mail: info@beachshowdown.com